Rules are a necessary part of Rocryn to assist in keeping the community and the server's performance in check.

We try to keep these simple to understand and fair to everyone.

  • We are not an anarchy server.
  • This includes damaging other builds (even if not claimed), and killing without prior consent.

  • Read this for more information.
  • Spawners should be powered by redstone when not in use - this disables them.

  • This isn't fair on other players, and we aren't an anarchy server.
  • This does include AFK bypassing as this gives a false sense of player activity.
  • Read the FAQ for more information.

  • Duping ruins the economy regardless of the item's price.
  • In the case a dupe is found, report it to staff immediately.

  • We do not condone any form of discrimination towards another player.
  • This includes but is not limited to their: race, nationality, gender, sexuality and disability.

  • Under 13's are not permitted on this server for their own safety.
  • Keeping the server PG-13 implies no vulgarity, inappropriate builds or excessive cursing.
  • You should exercise caution when sharing personal information, for your own safety. Be smart.

  • Spamming floods the chat with garbage which is generally unappealing to look at.

  • There may be content that is inappropirate for our younger players.
  • We also want to keep our player base, duh!