Below is a list of questions that we believe may be frequently asked.

The primary cause for server lag is entities. Each entity gets their AI calculated on every tick (~20 times a second). The more AI that gets calculated, the lower the performance will be. Villagers have a notoriously large amount of AI. Other contributions to lag include chunk loads (primarily fast travel and teleporting), block updates, and bugs.

We as a community do our best to reduce our impact on the server's performance which you can read about here.

If it's related to an exploit or duplication glitch, inform a member of staff in private. Otherwise, you may bring it up on our Discord.

Never abuse an exploit or duplication glitch.

To link your Discord to Minecraft, type /discord link in-game to receive a 4 digit code. DM the Rocryn bot in our Discord with the code to be verified.

Restarts happen in a quarter day basis (every 6 hours).
A backup takes place an hour after the midnight restart (EST).

Yes! We have a resource pack that provides a few custom textures for the plugins that support it. You can download it here.

The difficulty is set to hard. We have done this as we have reduced mob limits so increasing the difficulty brings it closer to vanilla's normal difficulty.

No, we do not use Keep Inventory to keep gameplay challenging. We also don't use Clearlagg or other plugins that remove ground items so there is no risk to losing your items outside of vanilla mechanics.

Sleeping percentage is set to 25%.

Yes, below Y54 in the wilderness, and Endermen can never grief. The idea is to prevent player griefing, while allowing the majority of mob griefing.

You can have 1 job to begin with, which increases to a maximum of 3 as you rank up. We've done this to mimic real life - nobody does everything themselves and instead, rely on sourcing products / services from others.

We use a mob limiter to control players farms so that the servers performance is not diminished. It sucks, we know, but it's there for a good reason. Tamed/named animals do not despawn, but this is for your own security and does not in any way mean you can exploit the mob limiter.

You can read about the farm limiter here.

You'll find that common waste items such as cobblestone, deepslate and netherrack will despawn quicker than others. This is because there is often an excess left over while mining and to assist with performance, we yeet them out of existence within 30 seconds as opposed to the normal 5 minutes.

Claims come with claim tax at a rate of $32 per 16x16 area (267 blocks). We've enabled this so that inactive players eventually lose their claims, but this in no way means griefing is allowed. It's basically the same as upkeep for a town.

Acceptable client modifications are those that are entirely visual, and do not give you an upper hand over other players. If you're unsure if a modification is permitted, ask a member of staff beforehand.

Such modifications include: OptiFine, Starlight, and mini-maps.

Autoclickers, while not a client modification, are permitted on occasion for productive purposes not including PvP. They should be set to a speed that you are humanly capable of clicking.

You'll be kicked after 15 minutes, unless you have the AFK kick bypass permission. Should you have said permission, you should leave after 15 minutes if you're not being productive in-game otherwise you may be kicked by staff.